About Us

Our Mission.
The Northern California Community Loan Fund promotes economic justice and alleviates poverty by increasing the financial resilience and sustainability of community-based nonprofits and enterprises.

Through flexible financial products and sound advice, we create opportunities to make socially responsible investments that revitalize Northern California communities.

Our Vision.
The Northern California Community Loan Fund envisions financially strong and culturally vibrant communities where each person has access to decent jobs, homes, health care, education, and economic opportunities. We work in partnership with individuals and organizations who share our vision of sustainable communities and social and economic justice.

Our Values.

°    Financial Empowerment: We believe in the power of capital and financial expertise to transform distressed neighborhoods and to empower low-income people to build a better future for themselves.

°    Social, Political, and Economic Justice: We believe all individuals should receive fair treatment and have equal access to healthy communities and the resources needed to create them.

°    Respect: We work to include the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the communities we serve. We are committed to performing our work with excellence, and to treating our clients and colleagues with honesty and fairness.

°    Generosity: We value and cherish the generosity of spirit that motivates community service, philanthropy, and community investment.

°    Creativity: We value innovation and flexibility, and are dedicated to developing creative ways to strengthen our clients’ financial capacity.

°    Collaboration: We value and seek communication and collaboration with individuals and organizations that share our goals.