From working capital to building loans, NCCLF provides nonprofits and social enterprises the financing they need to make a difference in their communities.


We are local—we serve Northern and Central California because we are from Northern and Central California. Our local perspective informs all of our work. We are expert lenders with a deep knowledge of the unique financial needs of community-serving organizations.

For 30 years NCCLF has collaborated with key partners to structure financing that achieves impact. Our clients include health clinics, affordable housing developers, human service agencies, cultural organizations and food businesses. We listen so that we can support our community partners in thinking creatively and ultimately thriving.

Our loans range up to $3 million or more through loan participations. We finance working capital and real estate projects, frequently offering more flexible terms than conventional lenders on such key metrics as Loan-to-Value and Debt Service Coverage Ratios. We offer other flexible terms such as subordinate loans, bridge loans for projects and capital campaigns, and general working capital loans.

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