Our consultants bring a great deal of industry experience and understand how to address both day-to-day operational problems as well as how to engage in long-term planning. We use this experience to improve your programs and services.


NCCLF understands that the challenges facing nonprofit organizations are as unique as the communities they serve. Our customized consults offer a wide array of services to support nonprofits in managing their finances and facilities more effectively. We understand how to solve both day-to-day operational problems as well as engage in long-term planning. We draw on our expertise in the nonprofit sector to improve programs and services benefiting the community. All consulting services are tailored to meet the needs of each organization.

What We Do

Financial Management Consulting

We help organizations understand their financial position in order to expand their services, take on new opportunities, and refine their business model. We’ll help you figure out how to better track your revenue and expenses, understand the financial performance for each of your programs, and how to provide clear and concise information your leadership team and Board of Directors to make effective decisions.

Real Estate Consulting

Ready to lease or buy a new office or program space? NCCLF’s Real Estate Consulting services will help you through the process of planning your space needs, analyzing what you can afford, identifying and evaluating potential sites, negotiating purchase and lease agreements, developing tenant improvement/project budgets, assembling your financing, and putting together your project team.

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