California FreshWorks Fund

The California FreshWorks Fund is a public-private financing program created to bring grocery stores, markets and other innovative forms of healthy food retail and distribution to communities that do not have them.


Why it Matters
For over 1 million California residents, fresh foods are not readily available for purchase in their local communities. People living in underserved areas have higher rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and many other diet-related chronic illnesses than those living in neighborhoods where healthy food is easily accessible.

The Benefits of FreshWorks
Adding a supermarket or other healthy food retailer in underserved neighborhoods not only gives local residents greater healthy food options but also spurs economic development that supports the overall health of the community. FreshWorks and its partners have provided financing and support to over 70 projects totaling more than $62MM invested in California communities. Whether you’re an investor or a healthy food business, FreshWorks provides financial tools that help you do well by doing good.

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