We stand in solidarity – a message from the President

Like many of you, we at NCCLF have been profoundly affected by the results of the recent national elections. As our organization’s spokesperson, it is typically my task to share our thoughts with our clients, investors, and industry colleagues when something truly significant occurs in the world.

Without a doubt, this is one of those times. My colleagues and I have deep concerns about the implications of many of the new administration‘s plans. Repeal of universal health care, rollbacks of key financial system safeguards, and threats to immigrants, LGBT folks, women, Muslims, and people of color – these are frightening developments that are raising our concerns daily.

NCCLF awards grant to People’s Community Market in West Oakland

West Oakland’s growing and changing community is comprised predominantly of low-income Latino and African American residents with little access to nearby food retail. This forces residents to collectively spend more than $58 million annually on groceries outside of their own community. For low-income residents with little or no access to transportation, buying groceries is an increased challenge and results in community members doing their shopping at local convenience stores with little access to affordable, high quality fresh foods. As a result of this, diet-related, preventable chronic diseases are on the rise in the neighborhood.

Long awaited Vallarta Supermaket opens doors in Fresno

The long awaited Vallarta Supermarket opened its doors in Fresno on November 9, 2016. Located in a predominantly Latino community where the closest supermarket is nearly two miles away, the area is considered one of California’s food deserts. This store fills a glaring need for access to fresh, culturally appropriate food featuring a tortilleria, panaderia, carniceria and a broad assortment of fresh affordable produce.