We understand that the challenges facing nonprofit organizations are as unique as the communities they serve. NCCLF has developed creative solutions to help our clients be successful. We teach nonprofits how to use resources strategically; how to align the money with the mission.

Whether you are choosing a copy machine or planning the spaces in a new facility – every decision will either help or hurt your nonprofits impact. Our unique programs offer a wide array of consulting services to help nonprofits better manage their finances and their facilities.

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Financial Consulting

We offer two kinds of consulting – quick inexpensive answers to specific questions and more in-depth capacity building to help nonprofits make strategic decisions that improve financial performance and long-term sustainability.

  1. Quick Check

    This service will provide you with an analysis of your organization’s finances.  We use four or more years of financial data to create a report that describes your current financial health, how you got there, and what the data predicts for the future.

  2. Cash Flow Management

    Do you have enough money to make payroll next month?  What will happen if that grant is delayed?  NCCLF consultants will work with you and your staff to prepare budget projections that will help you anticipate financial shortfalls and proactively monitor financial performance.

  3. Business Model Optimization

    During this consulting engagement NCCLF consultants will help you examine your business model based on its social impact, mission alignment and financial sustainability.  Our consultants will work with you and your staff to analyze program outcomes, expenses and sources of financial support to provide you with a clear understanding of what your business lines are and how to invest your resources to maximize financial and mission impact

For more information on our Financial Consulting services contact Joanne Lee, Director of Consulting and Program Development at (415) 392-8215 ext. 305.

Real Estate Consulting

NCCLF offers four types of real estate consulting:

  1. Real Estate Development Process CoachingReal estate projects are incredibly complicated and require teams of specialized professionals. But how do you decide who to hire, when to hire, and how much you can afford to pay? NCCLF’s Coaching services will shepherd you through this process. Our consultants have years of real estate experience and will work alongside your team to ensure that you make proactive, strategic choices about your facility, your finances, and your real estate development team
  2. Lease vs Buy Analysis

    A quantitative financial analysis, which provides you with the short-term and long-term financial effects of leasing a facility versus buying the same facility.

  3. Real Estate Project Options Analysis

    A quantitative financial analysis, which provides you with the short-term and long-term financial-effects comparison between two or more facilities.

  4. New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Analysis

    NMTC’s can be a financially rewarding financing option-but not for all projects. This is a quick analysis to determine the financial effect of NMTC’s on your project and your organization. The New Markets Tax Credits Roadmap provides you with important information on the key steps required if you are interested in the NMTC Program.

For more information on our Real Estate Consulting services, services contact Andrea Papanastassiou, Deputy Director of Consulting, Real Estate at (415) 392-8215 ext. 338

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