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NCCLF offers workshops on strategic financial and facilities management throughout  Northern California – from Tulare County to the Oregon border.

To read about  NCCLF’s  New Market Tax Credit projects, click here.

The New Markets Tax Credits Roadmap provides you with important information on the key steps required if you are interested in the NMTC Program.

Financial Boot Camp
Come to this hands-on workshop to strengthen your understanding of your nonprofit’s financial health.  Gain a working knowledge of the basic financial statements including the income statement, balance sheet, and special monitoring reports.  Participants work with model financial statements to answer questions and make financial decisions common in nonprofit organizations.

Stay on Track: Tools to Maximize Impact
This workshop presents a values framework and program budget model you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your programs.  We will provide you with the tools and training to maximize the social and financial impact of each line of business in your nonprofit organization.

Leasing Primer
The Leasing Primer is geared towards organizations who are planning to lease a space. Participants will learn: how to analyze what you can and can’t afford, how to figure out how much and what kind of space you really need, how to find available spaces, how to compare properties, how to negotiate a deal, and what all the leasing terms mean.

New Market Tax Credit Workshop:
How Nonprofits Use NMTC to Fill Financing Gaps for Facilities

New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) is a financing option for facility development that can leverage grants and the value of donated property to generate additional equity. This workshop will outline how NMTC financing works and how to determine the financial benefit of NMTCs on your facility project and organization.  The workshop is a great choice for nonprofits who need to renovate existing facilities or fill the final funding gap in their facility development budget.

Nonprofit Facility Decisions
Nonprofit organizations are very good at what they do, but for most, real estate is not what they do. The size, design, and location of a facility all help to support the organizations programs which in turn, support its mission. This workshop will provide you with tools to help you find, finance, and maintain a facility that will fit your mission and your means.

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