Our loans support nonprofit projects and enterprises that benefit low-income residents or communities throughout the 46 northernmost counties of California. Applicants must demonstrate strong governance, sound fiscal management and feasibility of their proposed project or borrowing need. We try to meet the needs of our borrowers and believe in a personal, flexible approach to lending and a hands-on partnership with every organization.

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Loans Support Four Types of Projects

  • Affordable Housing for all types of housing from multi-family rental to home ownership. Our loans have affordable rates and flexible terms to better meet the special needs of affordable housing projects. We finance all phases of housing production including acquisition, pre-development and construction costs.
  • Community Facility Loans to human service agencies and arts/cultural organizations to support facilities that provide infrastructure to meet the basic needs in low-income communities. NCCLF loans enable the construction of new facilities or the acquisition and rehabilitation of existing facilities for nonprofit office or program space.
  • Economic Development Loans to ventures that produce jobs, income, wealth and economic stability, including worker-owned cooperative business. Our loans support a range of economic development initiatives, including: human development and job preparedness projects for disabled people unable to obtain jobs in the private sector; alternative ownership businesses such as worker-owned cooperative ventures; and small business incubators designed to support new small businesses while they establish themselves to create new industry and economic growth for an economically depressed region.
  • Operating Lines of Credit uniquely designed to help community-based nonprofits meet cash flow requirements.

We are able to make loans ranging from $10,000 to $2 million or more through loan participations, with loan terms spanning sixty days to ten years. Interest rates generally range from 6% to 8%. We often adjust amortization schedules so we can offer lower monthly payments and other flexible features to assist our borrowers.

Application Process

We value and seek communication and collaboration with individuals and organizations that share our goals.

1. Please contact us so we can talk to you about your project.

2. If your project meets our eligibility requirements, we’ll ask you to submit a loan application.

All applications are due by the 15th of each month for consideration at the following month’s Loan Committee meeting. To download an application (in MS Word) please click on one of the links below. You may use the Term Loan Spreadsheet (in Excel) for your Affordable Housing, Community Facility or Economic Development application. Please use the Lines of Credit Spreadsheet for your Operating Lines of Credit application.

Affordable Housing
Community Facilities
Economic Development
Term Loan Spreadsheet
Operating Lines of Credit
Lines of Credit Spreadsheet

3. Submit your application. After reviewing your application, our staff will contact you for additional information to complete the package. We will work closely with you and will provide technical assistance wherever possible.

4. Our Loan Committee and Board of Directors will review your completed application if it meets our underwriting requirements.


For more information on our community lending, please contact our Director of Lending Ross Culverwell at (415) 392-8215 ext. 317

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Main Office: NCCLF

870 Market Street Suite 677, San Francisco, CA 94102
phone: (415) 392-8215 | fax: (415) 392-8216 | email: info@ncclf.org

Central Valley Office: NCCLF

4949 E. Kings Canyon Road, Suite 108, Fresno, CA 93727
phone: (559) 452-0327 | fax: (559) 412-5039 | email: info@ncclf.org

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